Why Managed Services

Why Managed Services

We recognize that like large Business, smaller companies have the same reliance on technology to operate efficiently and remain competitive in todays ever changing business environment. This reliance has changed the way we do business,technology has become a critical communication tool for employees and customers alike. Without technology, most of today’s modern businesses would be unable to reach or service their clients effectively.

Managing this technology also requires a fresh new approach in terms of monitoring its efficiency and preventing unnecessary interruptions during your business day.

So why managed services and not traditional I.T support?

A few simple reasons why Managed Services could work for you

  • Reduces costly downtime
  • Saves on infrastructure and I.T Staff
  • Reign in I.T Costs
  • Roll-out I.T. Solutions to off-site branches easily
  • Improves Productivity
  • Comply with new Sars Legislation
  • Minimizes Business Risk
  • From experience, we found traditional I.T to be a reactive solution where the blame is easily shifted and very little  system optimization takes place. This is not an ideal situation if your current I.T support vendor is charging you by the hour.

    Managed Services is not just about monitoring and letting you know if somethings wrong, we can detect early possible failures BEFORE they occur unlike some off-site I.T support solutions.

    Employing permanent, experienced technical staff is also expensive and risky in todays uncertain business climate. A Great reason why Managed Services is ideal for SMME’s is that you no longer have to deal with complicated labour issues and an up-skilling staff in an ever changing Technological environment. Our packages can be tailored to suite your specific I.T needs at a fraction of the cost annual costs of employing traditional I.T staff.

    We take on your entire risk with Intelligent process driven software, so  you can get on with business.

    Still not convinced as to why Managed Services is right for you?