break it vs managed services

Managed Services vs Break Fix IT

If your IT support people said ‘break-fix’ and ‘managed services’ would you know what they meant?

They’re both approaches to dealing with technical support. Break-fix is pretty straightforward; something breaks, and then someone fixes it. This is the most common approach taken by small businesses. It has worked for many firms for many years.

The other model is referred to by some variation of “managed services”. This one is different from break-fix in that computers are managed pro-actively, to check for potential warning signs before they can cause problems.

Most small companies use the “break/fix model”: when technology fails, a consultant is called in to fix the problem and the company pays a fee for the service. This method results in repeated downtime and lost productivity. The problem with this model is that consultants are not motivated to keep the client’s network and systems running efficiently because the consultant makes more money when the technology breaks down.

The most expensive part of maintaining a network is the loss of productivity due to the system being down combined with paying top dollar to repair a failed system.

Business owners should consider the managed services I.T. solution for several reasons. Managed services provide affordable solutions to the complex technology problems of small businesses for a fixed monthly fee. Technology experts are fully focused on keeping the systems of the company up and running because repeated technology failures means higher costs to them. Therefore, the managed services model is beneficial to the client because small businesses have the advantage of lower rates and better services.

Why Choose Us for Managed Services?

  • You pay a fixed monthly fee for us to keep your IT Business Tools running.

  • There are no hours attached to the service of our clients.

  • We ensure your network is stable or it will cost us money.

  • We implement the latest technologies to ensure we provide the best possible proactive services.

  • We are a complete IT management solution that includes Monitoring, Support, Asset management and Infrastructure consultation.

  • Our response times are the best in the business.
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